The Future Boxing Champions Of Cuba

Cuban amateur boxers are regarded as the best in the world.

Mexican Territory

Humans and the Mexican landscape. A three-month road trip during a drug war, soldiers everywhere because the police can't be trusted, and it's the most dangerous country in the world for journalists.

Five Crores and Fifty Lakhs

A summer with the nomadic tribes of Gujarat

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In praise of... the Nikon FE2

Introduction The Nikon FE2 is a lightweight high-performance camera from the early 1980s. It is very straightforward to operate with only a few quirks to slow you down. Quirks [caption id="attachment_604" align="alignright" width="300"] Lever...


"I hear that you're quite a monster," were my first words to a highly respected member of the Sydney Symphony, who then led us to the Opera Bar and began a marathon 12-hour drinking session that ended with the Brunette's collapse during a lull in...


So there's a dozen anti-suits parked in Martin Place framed by a pile of sleeping bags, protest signs and placards, and a stall serving food. Oh, and the Reserve Bank of Australia and some financial skyscraper. The anti-suits are complaining,...


Observing that an entire queue of people trying to queue-jump is permitted - merging - where one or two people would be maced and run out of town, I'm getting on the Sydney flight, hauling my bag and guitar into the locker and look back to see...

Fear and Loathing on the Campervan Trail, '11

Years before I'd ever met a single Australian, I wondered why the hell anybody would travel all that damn way just to see another bunch of Caucasian Westerners with funny accents, and then I started making friends with Australians in London and...

Pink Floyd Re-release? Pigs Might Fly

And seen over Battersea Power Station for much of the day. Couldn't sleep (not because of excitement, mind, just insomnia) so grabbed my tripod and walked up the road and set up to await a decent moment.

Mike Mullen pulling some BMX moves

Spent a day with an old mate and his gang out in the far reaches of London, as they gave a bunch of kids a rare treat and taught them some BMX skills on a mobile skate park - that dismantles into a trailer - including some quarter-pipes. Here's...

Moving Planet - Human Bicycle

Up a crane for the best part of a day, mapping out a perspective-corrected bicycle and then herding a few hundred people into place.


Bye byee Hawai'i

Sitting at Kona airport, hoping we'll get on the next flight to San Francisco. Love Hawai'i, but we're running out of cash and there's cars to be sold, people to see and lives to return to.