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About Me

I have spent over twenty-five years behind the camera, took my MA in Photojournalism with Colin Jacobson, Max Houghton and Ben Edwards at Westminster, and once traveled the globe shooting stories on human rights and the environment. I’ve trespassed on fracking grounds, drunk tea on the side of a highway with nomadic goat herders in the remote regions of India, nearly fallen into an active volcano in Tanzania, been stoned by cricket-playing kids in the slums of Mumbai, driven through the eye of a tropical storm in Guatemala, watched kid boxers fight in the shabby gyms of Cuba, been kidnapped and jailed by the Israeli Navy, shuddered at being shown a 10mm Prince Albert, crashed motorcycles through estate agents’ windows, and now I shoot to take my mind off the world. Previously a member of the North London Darkroom collective, I make art, news and moving pictures.

Thousands of kilometres later, I prefer not to go very far and instead prefer the world to come to me here in London. It’s a good strategy. And these days, I also spend most of my time as a consultant in technology. I work on strategy, education, cloud and culture. I also make things from electronics and am currently building a photo booth.

Preferred Locations

  • Richmond Park, London
  • Millbank, London
  • South Bank, London


Always interested in London stories and people, particularly around human rights activism and environmental activism. Get in touch.

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[email protected]

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