Anthony C Hall, Twickenham Bookseller

Anthony C. Hall, Bookseller Pt. 2

I was on my way to visit my mother and I walked past Tony’s bookshop, noticing his closed sign was swinging slightly. “Was he in?” I wondered. On the way back, I spotted him just inside the door and nabbed him for a quick chat. He was clearing out his stock, to sell the entire building, all the floors. I’m very sad, as he has been there for fifty years, and doesn’t want to burden his wife with the work of management if he ‘ pops his clogs,’ as he says. He once used all three floors for his stock, and I will be asking him for some numbers in a forthcoming interview.

Tony tells me that he has a picture of him standing outside the shop in 1978, with long hair and flares. When I get my hands on it, I will absolutely share.

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