Skinnier than me

Aunt SumanMy dad is from a reasonably large family, I suppose. He’s one of eleven, somewhere in the middle – two older brothers and two older sisters. My eldest aunt is almost 89 – early next month – and after she broke her hip the last time, she’s been stationed in the ashram nursing home on the seafront, a great view if only she could see it.
They denied losing her dentures, which means eating is quite impossible and she’s quietly been wasting away. My other aunts visit and feed her small amounts of mashed potato, pastries and chocolate, but she can’t assimilate very much. She lies in that bed all day, poor old aunt.
She’s the eldest of all the siblings, the spinster who dedicated her life to the ashram, already 54 when I was born, and I’m not sure if, after this trip, I will get to see her again. But, I wouldn’t bet on it.

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